How to Create a Web Page

An introduction to creating web pages using SSIDM Studio

To create a new web page on your site you need to use the Page Manager.

1. Starting Off

To start, click on Pages on the main menu, or use the Pages icon on the home page. When you first load the Page Manager, it shows a list of pages that you have recently worked on, a search form to find other existing pages, and a New Page form.

On the New Page form, select the type of page that you wish to create and click the Create Page button.

2. Page Wizard

To create the page, you need to complete some basic information. This may differ for different types of page. The example below is for a standard page: -

You must: -

  • Enter a Page Title for the page and click on Start Page Wizard.
  • Choose the Site Section that you want the page to appear in and decide whether you want the page to appear in the left menu for that section.
  • Enter a description of the page in the Intro box.

You can: -

  • Tick the Show on Menu checkbox if you want the page to appear in the site's navigation menu.
  • Tick Make Live only if you are happy for the page to appear on the website immediately.

Don't worry about entering a Post Date or Author. The date will default to today and the Author field is rarely needed.

The Title and Intro are key elements that affect SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so try to include any keywords for the page in here.

3. Page Editor

Use the page editor to add text and pictures to the page.

Use the images icon  to add pictures from your computer or from the Image Library.

use the  spell checker icon to spell check the page when you've finished.

See here for more information on the editor toolbar.

When you've finished, click on Next. You can make further changes to the text after you've finished the page wizard.

4. Make Live

You will have noticed that a set of tabs have appeared at the top of the Page Manager. These are for additional content setting for the page. One of the tabs is labelled [status].

To make the page appear on the site, click on the [status] tab: -

Click on the 'status' tab, choose display (Live) and Save.




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