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All of the main options available if the Studio can be accessed from the main menu located at the top of the page.

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Home The Studio home page where you see recent news and perform a quick search for pages and members.
PagesPage ManagerCreate and amend pages
 New Page 
 Content TagsSet up categories to make it easier for users to find the pages they want.
 SchedulerContent schedulaer - coming soon...
Images Browse images and upload more images from your PC.
Links Add links to create a page of links to other useful websites.
 DocumentsUpload and maintain a library of downloadable documents.
MembersManage MembersManage members registered on the website.
 Member NetworksManage groups of registered members in member networks.
 MessagesMonitor and edit messages posted by members, and send your own emails from the website to members.
 NewslettersCreate and send e-newsletters to member networks
 EnquiriesManage enquiries from the website's Contact Us form
Site Config Maintain website configuration including site description and keywords, and set the style and design of the site.
 Site SectionsCreate and maintain the sections that the site is divided into, providing a top level menu for the website.
 Owner Details 
Help Link to documentation website at
 XStandard EditorInformation on installing the XStandard editor
 XUpload ControlInformation on instlling the XUpload control
 Create XML Site MapCreate a Google-friendly XML site map to help search engines index your website
 Create Googlebase FeedCreate an XML product data file to upload to Google Base
 Site SummaryA summary of site sections and pages
 Detailed Site MapA detailed section by section list of all the pages in the website
 Re-index PagesRe-create the full-text indexes used in the website search
Logout Log out


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